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Hi there! I am Timothy, currently helping creative minds transform their ideas and visions into successful products. Have a fun project to collab on? Awesome, hit me up!

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Actually, I'm justpretty damn curious.

Exploring things is my major passion. Whether it's a hardly known music album by Van Halen, an awesome new JavaScript library or a friend's favorite book. I greatly value listening to people who share their tales, tastes and experiences as a great way of growing - and in the in the end, growth is what makes life meaningful to me. Building a skill-set that covers a wide range of fields and metiers has proven invaluable in founding a business or two and allows viewing a problem from different angles to come up with a suitable solution.
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One stepat a time.

These are the most recent footprints of my professional life. See my LinkedIn profile for a more complete list.

  • tarent solutions GmbH

    Senior Technology Consultant

  • Kartenhaus Software GmbH

    Fullstack Developer & Product Manager

  • Kartenhaus Software GmbH


& Co.


I regularly blog, speak on events or publish articles sharing my insights on building tech products. For a full overview of posts, see my blog.

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