Launch Your Startup Idea In Less Than 2 Days

Most startups fail at getting traction, not at building a product. The Founders' Launchpad E-Book is a step-by-step guide that shows you the shortest way to get paying customers and thus attract co-founders and funding.

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From business model to revenue

Your Step-By-Step Guide

The Founders' Launchpad E-Book is meant to be your instruction manual for getting your startup idea off the ground in the leanest and most goal-oriented way possible.

No Coding Skills Required

The book covers methods to put your idea in the market without a single line of code.

Tangible Progress Within A Few Days

By thinking small first and growing the product later, we can launch exceptionally fast.

Get Real Leads

Most of the methods incorporate a way to get in touch with your users. Useful for both revenue and insights!

Get Proof Your Idea Works

By following the book, you will only invest serious time and money once it is clear the product can succeed.

Monetize Your First Leads

The experiments defined in the book force your users to give a commitment, which can be monetized.

Minimize Risk

Having a validated idea that generates actual revenue is a luxurious starting point for your next step: growth!

That's in it for you

The Founders' Launchpad E-Book combines the best discovery and validation frameworks in the market. The result is a step-by-step instruction manual that will take you from business model draft to revenue in no-time.

To provide additional guidance, I will use my own successful business that I built this way as an example at every step.

Part I

Find Out What You Need To Know Next

Leaner Canvas

In the first section, I will show you how a Leaner Canvas enables you to quickly sketch out first drafts of your business model and ideas.

Test Cards

In this second section I will introduce Test Cards as the perfect foundation for getting specific results out of our experiments.

Part II

Execute Within Days


In this third section we will cover a way to get market feedback within a few hours by using a method called pretotype.

Learning Cards

We will use Learning Cards to hold ourselves accountable and to identify the most useful next iteration of the product to gradually grow it into a functioning business.
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“I followed the steps very rigorously: My first experiment was with a survey. Based on these insights I collected leads with a Fake Door MVP and gradually turned those leads into a 73k ARR business after only 15 months.”

Judith Black
CEO, Eversome

Get Your Product To Market.Not In 3 Months But Tomorrow.

Stop wasting months on a variant of your product no one's interested in. Instead, get our step-by-step guide to collect market feedback as early as possible and gradually iterate towards a successful product.

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